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    Colt - Male Humpback Whale

    Colt is a large mature male with an amazing sense of curiosity. Staying close, circling and diving under the boats, Colt has, literally, held audiences captive making many whale watch boats late back to the dock.

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    Coral - Male Humpback Whale

    Coral is a mature male who perseveres in the face of adversity. Attacked by orcas as a newborn, he was only three years old when he lost his mother to a fishing gear entanglement, a fate he, fortunately, was able to survive as an adult.

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    Crystal - Male Humpback Whale

    Crystal is Salt’s first born and has 11 brothers and sisters. Never one to be shy, he is easily identified and has been sighted both in the southern breeding grounds of the West Indies and also in the northern feeding area of the Gulf of Maine.

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    Mars - Female Humpback Whale

    Mars is a strong female aptly named after the Roman god of war. Scarred but not broken, Mars has eleven known calves and is an active grandmother, often seen breaching and socializing.

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    Midnight - Female Humpback Whale

    Midnight, or “Ms. Petite”, is a small mature female humpback, but don’t let her modest size fool you. She is a very determined and productive whale. While she is often alone and focused, she has also been a doting mother to her eight known calves.

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    Pepper - Female Humpback Whale

    Pepper, the “southpaw”, is a mature female that was first identified in 1976. Like people, most humpbacks are “righties” but not Pepper and that’s not the only trait that makes her stand out in the crowd. She’s also kept two of her 10 calves with her for two years!

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    Reflection - Female Humpback Whale

    Reflection is definitely an image of beauty. An adult female and mother of three, she was named for her symmetrical fluke pattern, but it is her feeding ballet that makes her recognizable from a distance. Her face out of the water followed by a splash of her fluke is how she captures fish.

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    Salt - Female Humpback Whale

    Salt is the movie star of whales and we are her paparazzi. She was first identified in 1975 and is one of the most distinguished and photographed humpback whales in the world. A mother of 12 known calves and a grandmother, she commands the respect of everyone who sees her.

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    Sirius - Male Humpback

    Sirius, the strong, silent and complicated male. An entanglement scar on his tail stock bears witness to past struggles but he never lets on as he sometimes confidently approaches boats with a sense of curiosity or takes a deep dive and disappears.

  • Fife - Male Orca Whale
    Fife - Male Orca

    Fife has an older sister, Corky. Tragically, Fife has never met his sister as she was captured in 1969, and has been held captive by SeaWorld since 1987. Fife is quite a character, extremely handsome and gaining stature within his community.

  • Holly - Female Orca Whale
    Holly - Female Orca Whale

    Holly was born in 1980. Her babies Surf, Current, and Cameleon are named after places around British Columbia. Holly and her family are one of the few groups seen in the Johnstone Strait during the winter, but they also reach into southeast Alaska and so their range is more than 300 miles/ 500 kilometers!

Whale Adoption Project


WDC’s Whale Adoption Project first began in the early 1980s. As the first humpback whale adoption program in the world, we have remained the best, as demonstrated by the number of whales who have been sponsored by their original adopters for almost 30 years.
Adoption Packages ordered after December 19th will be received after January 1st, but electronic Adoption Certificates are now available for Last-Minute Adoptions. Downloadable, full-color certificates are available on the thank-you page.

“We chose Pepper because for many years we had a beloved dog named Pepper. We have had Pepper for 21 years.” ~Don E

In 2014, WDC added two orcas to our adoptable family. Often called killer whales for their ability to take town sea lions and other large prey in the wild for food, Fife and Holly are welcome additions to our pod. All orca and humpback whale adopters will also receive monthly updates featuring seasonal sightings and personality profiles of the individual whales you adopt.

There is an adoption package for everyone and each adoption helps fund our work to free cetaceans in captivity and protect adoptable whales, orcas and dolphins, as well as the ocean habitats on which we all depend. Adopt today to become part of our captivity-free whale-loving family!

“I’ve been helping my 2nd grade classes adopt a whale annually for about 12 years. Each year the kids collect change to raise the adoption fee. Then, after reading all of the whale bios, the class votes for the whale we adopt for that year. They are always VERY proud when their adoption certificate arrives a few weeks later.” ~ Maureen M

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