Are you looking for gifts for kids that are special, unique, and fun? We’ve assembled our collection of gifts and presents for kids from the favorites of our whale loving kids and their parents.  

Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) has a fun selection of cool gift ideas for kids of all ages. The best part is that every purchase supports our Mission to protect Whales and Dolphins worldwide.

Why settle for a game or a gift card when you can virtually adopt a whale as a fun educational gift for kids. If adopting a whale isn’t quite right, we have children’s books; Moby Whale by Kamibashi, humpback whale stuffed animals, and “A Whale of Time in the Gulf of Maine” package that includes a video of whales off the coast of Maine.

To help you find the best gifts or presents for kids —ones that they will love, learn from, and remember for years to come, start shopping! Remember, gifts for kids that give back include whale adoptions and WDC Flippin Awesome Membership.

Monday, December 13th, is the last day to place an order for shipping by December 15th, USPS’s deadline for shipping items to arrive by December 25th.