The New Whales Documentary “Secrets of the Whales” is a Must See!

Don’t waste your time trying to find the best documentaries on Netflix about whales. This brand new whales documentary, “Secrets of the Whales,” is one of the top documentaries about these gorgeous animals with brand new, never before seen footage.

The documentary movie “Secrets of the Whales,” from National Geographic, takes viewers deep within the epicenter of whale culture to experience the extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures of five different whale species: orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals, and sperm whales.

This outstanding animal documentary featuring majestic whales was filmed over three years in 24 locations. Reviewers are touting that this is one of the best nature documentaries out there. It takes you on an epic journey, where you learn that whales are far more complex and more like us than ever imagined.

Executive produced by Academy Award-winning director James Cameron, directed by Brian Armstrong, and narrated by Oscar nominee Sigourney Weaver, the series is split into four episodes. The episodes focus individually on orcas (killer whales), humpbacks, and belugas, with the final episode featuring both sperm whales and narwhals. You can watch this documentary now on Disney+.


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