Adopt a Whale for your Classroom with WDC’s Educational Resources!

It doesn’t matter if you are a classroom teacher, homeschool educator, or parent looking to entertain your kids, we’ve got you covered with educational and fun opportunities to help all ages learn about whales and dolphins.

Whale & Dolphin Conservation offers Whale Adoptions that are the perfect addition to any classroom whether in school or at home! We can’t wait for your to Adopt a Whale for your classroom! We are now offering an exclusive deal for teachers! Sign up for our educator e-newsletter with a valid school email and get $15 off a whale adoption for your classroom! Bring whales to your students with this fun way to teach about ocean conservation. Sign up here!

When you adopt an Orca or a Humpback Whale you’ll receive information about their migration patterns, ocean habitat, size, diet, and even see their family tree! This year-long, symbolic whale adoption supports our work to create a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free. Your class will receive an email update from us once a month about your whale and their family and “friends”. You’ll learn what they may be doing at that time of year, where they may be, and hear more about our work to help protect them. These monthly updates are unique to WDC’s Whale Adoption Package, and something we’ve been doing for decades! These benefits are a perfect learning opportunity for all children. Click here to see the colorful and educational adoption package.

To Adopt a Whale for your classroom, choose from the options below.

For our selection of free, printable, Educational Resources, click here. We also have teaching resources available in Spanish, French, and German.



Standard Whale Adoption Package

We also offer virtual presentations that you can share with your classroom! You can pick out one of the topics that we covered in our Facebook Live streams or do a Q/A with a marine biologist! For more details, email us at [email protected]