We sincerely wish everyone a Happy Easter. Sunday, April 17th, is Easter. Are you looking for Easter gifts for kids? Maybe you’re looking for gifts for toddlers. How about gifts for your grandchildren? Our Whale Plushes are fun gifts to add to a Happy Easter basket. The kids will love it. The best part is that every purchase supports WDC’s mission to protect whales and dolphins worldwide.

In addition to purchasing from our adorable whale plush collection, you can show your love for whales this Easter with official gear, including whale tail hoodies, baseball caps, and whale-themed accessories, become a Flippin Awesome Member of WDC or donate to save whales and dolphin species!

Go all out and adopt an Orca or Humpback whale through our Whale Adoption Project, which supports our mission to see a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free.