We’re celebrating Earth Day! Whales play an essential role in the marine ecosystem. Whales contribute to combating climate change because they are excellent carbon sequesters. By some estimates, nearly 70% of all the oxygen we breathe stems from the role of whales feeding phytoplankton in the ocean. Ocean pollution is a severe threat to their well-being, our health, and the health of planet Earth.

The How And Why Of Phytoplankton
The dung of whales provides phytoplankton with nutrients for photosynthesis. Plankton photosynthesis absorbs carbon from the atmosphere to help address climate change. After death, whale carcasses drop to the seafloor and provide food habitat for many species. It’s time to make a commitment to stop ocean pollution and the harm it’s causing to the ocean, marine ecosystem, and marine mammals. Start supporting WDC’s mission to protect whales and dolphins and using eco-friendly products is part of the solution.

Purchase Eco-friendly Products
Please join us in celebrating Earth Day. Purchase eco-friendly products. Check out WDC aluminum water bottle, reusable tote bag, reusable bamboo flatware, and reusable straw. Adopting a whale or making a charitable donation is another way to help. Show the world you love whales with sweatshirts for women, sweatshirts for men, or a baseball cap embroidered with our white whale tail logo. Please support our mission to protect marine mammals worldwide. Take responsibility to care for planet Earth for future generations.