WDC is one of the best charities to donate to. It’s for anyone who loves whales and dolphins and believes in supporting educational programs to protect their ocean habitat. Every dollar counts! Even a Quick $5 Donation helps to save these majestic creatures.

Another reason WDC is one of the best charities to donate to is that your charitable donation supports one of the world’s best environmental charities. As one of the best charities to donate to, WDC’s mission is to save and protect whales and dolphins worldwide. Help us end captivity, stop whaling, and save whales and dolphins worldwide. Also, you can be sure your donation will make a difference as WDC is proud of its high charity ratings! WDC has high charity ratings across many charity rating networks, including charity navigator! Make a charitable donation today!

WDC Is One Of The Best Charities To Donate To Because:

WDC helps end whale and dolphin captivity in theme parks.
WDC helps prevent the extinction of endangered whale species.
WDC helps protect whales and protect dolphins.
WDC helps prevent entanglements in fishing gear.
WDC helps to end whaling.

Donations & Memberships Help Fund:

Protection programs for whales and dolphins.
Educational programs about the importance of whales and dolphins.
Efforts to combat the increasing impacts of climate change.
Support the marine ecosystem initiative.
Making a difference in the lives of whales and dolphins worldwide.

Choose to support WDC, one of the leading animal charities, with a tax-deductible charitable donation or by becoming a Flippin Awesome Member.