Walter the Happy Whale / WDC Edition


Meet Walter the happy whale.

Walter is the happiest little whale you will ever meet. Walter charms everyone he meets with his happy smile. It is in Walter’s nature to be happy and positive about life and he wants to share his happiness with everyone he meets. Walter is designed to make you happy.

But Walter also cares for the wildlife and the real whales out there. That is why he also supports the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC). This means that Walter actually adopted a real whale to make a difference.

By buying this special edition you can also make a difference. When you buy this edition of Walter the Whale, 15% of the profit goes directly to the WDC supporting their effort to safe the majestic giants of the seas.


Buy from Designs by Witt



Price in USD: 40.00

Colors: Natural, blue, turquoise, rose

Size: H 2.2 inch  x  L 3.15 inch  x  W 0.78 inch

Wood: Indonesian hard wood

Maintenance: Wipe off with a soft dry damp cloth

Note: The designs are not toys; they are meant to be used as decorations.

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