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Colt is a large mature male with an amazing sense of curiosity. Staying close, circling and diving under the boats, Colt has, literally, held audiences captive making many whale watch boats late back to the dock.

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Product Description

Adopt a whale today! Colt is a mature male humpback whale with an amazing sense of curiosity. Staying close, circling and diving under whale watch boats, Colt holds audiences captive and makes many boats return late back to the dock. When you adopt a whale like Colt, every adoption contributes to Whale and Dolphin Conservancy goals to ensure every whale is safe from whaling and free from captivity. With every whale adoption, you’ll receive a personalized certificate with a photograph, biography and family tree of Colt the whale, fascinating facts and figures about humpback whales, a map of Colt’s migratory path, a Whale and Dolphin Conservation window decal, and you will receive our monthly newsletter including updates on where Colt has been seen and how this adoption is helping to protect whales and dolphins worldwide. PLUS an exciting and educational DVD featuring WDC adoptable humpback whales.

Our Whale Adoption Project first began in the early 1980s. As the first humpback whale adoption program in the world, we have remained the best, as demonstrated by the number of whales who have been sponsored by their original adopters for almost 30 years. In 2014, WDC added two orcas to our adoptable family. Often called killer whales for their ability to take town sea lions and other large prey in the wild for food, Fife and Holly are welcome additions to our cetacean pod. All orca and humpback whale adopters will also receive monthly updates featuring seasonal sightings and personality profiles of the individual whales you adopt. There is an adoption package for everyone and each adoption helps fund our work to free cetaceans in captivity and protect adoptable whales, orcas and dolphins, as well as the ocean habitats on which we all depend. Adopt a whale today to become part of our captivity-free whale-loving family!


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